How do you light a gas grill with a broken igniter?

Can you light a grill without the igniter?

Strike a match stick to burn it (you can use a lighter instead). Then, control the knob to light the gas and put the match near the burner. Now, you should see a flame. If none of the burners can ignite within five seconds, turn the control knobs off and wait five minutes to let the gas clear before trying again.

How do I light my Weber grill if ignitor is broken?

Put the match in the match stick holder and strike the match to light it. Then insert the match holder with the lit match down through the cooking grates, past the flavorizer bars and adjacent to the left burner. Ignite the burners individually going from left to right.

Can you light a propane grill with a propane torch?

Introduction: Start Your Charcoal Grill With a Propane Torch

You never know how much lighter to use, so you always pour on extra. If you use too much then your food tastes like charcoal lighter (yuck). If you use too little the the charcoal goes out and you have to start over again!!!

How do you light a portable propane grill?

Then open the lid of the grill and check the burners are clean or not. Turn on the knob to high. Hold a light or igniter over the burner. After that, you will see the gas grill lighted up.

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How do you light a Weber grill with a lighter?

Insert the match holder, with lit match, down through the cooking grates, past the Flavorizer Bars and adjacent to the left burner (pictured below). Push the left control in and turn it to START/HI to igniter the left burner. Check that the flame is lit by looking through the cooking grates. You should see a flame.

Why is my grill not igniting?

Check the burners

If your grill won’t light, it could be because you’re lighting the wrong burner. See instructions on the control panel of your grill and in your manual. The grill burners could be blocked if your grill doesn’t light. Pests, spider webs or other debris could be blocking them.